Seth Bingham earns his Shodan rank!!
Tim Blakley Earns His Shodan Rank!!
Technique: Omote Gyakku Video
Instructor Appreciation Day
Tiger's Den Dojo Students Attend Helio Gracie 100 Celebration
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The usual campgrounds. Meet at Greenroad Baptist Church on Highway 11 at 5pm and we will move to the campground from there.



  • Please pack a lunch. We will break 1 hour for lunch. Bring something to roast on the fire if you like (hotdogs, marshmallows, etc)
  • If you have any training weapons please bring them. We will likely use things like Bokken (a wooden sword), Tanto (wooden knife), Rokushaku Bo (6 foot wooden staff), Hanbo (3 foot wooden staff), Manriki (length of chain), etc. We will have some training weapons on hand and will make sure everyone will get a chance to train.
  • As usual, wear or bring extra warm clothing and bring a change for if you get wet. We DO NOT cancel for weather. This is a survival camp and enduring inclement weather is a very important part of wilderness survival.
  • Have fun!!

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