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Seth Bingham with Relson Gracie
Seth Bingham with Relson Gracie at the Helio 100th birthday celebration.

Words simply cannot express how life changing my time at the Tigers Den Dojo has been. When I was younger, I was a very timid child who lacked confidence and didn’t have many friends. To be honest, I was scared of the world. Then I found the Tigers Den Dojo and it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Everything about it felt right, the content was amazing, the people were friendly, the atmosphere was open, and I could be myself. After just one class, I was hooked.

The physical, mental, and survival skills taught are above and beyond anything else I have ever experienced. Words simply cannot do justice to the real life application and effectiveness of this training.

Eight years later I can say without a shadow of a doubt that joining the Tigers Den Dojo was one of the best decisions of my life. I have traveled across the country to train with the best of the best and nothing compares. The physical, mental, and survival skills taught are above and beyond anything else I have ever experienced. Words simply cannot do justice to the real life application and effectiveness of this training. Over my eight years at the Tigers Den Dojo I have met some really phenomenal people. I would like to thank all of you for ongoing support, guidance, and above all else friendship during my training. You have made these last eight years some of the best in my life and I can’t wait for eight more. Train hard, believe in yourself, and never give up.
-Seth Bingham

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Timothy Blakley

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the Tiger's Den Dojo and Shinobu family, for all their support, and for truly being my best friends. Throughout my years of training at the Tiger's Den Dojo I have learned discipline, respect, and dignity, most of all I have learned more about God “Yahweh” than I ever knew before. I have learned to humble myself as Yahweh teaches us to.

I had no idea of the magnitude of skills I would acquire or how the training would impact my life .

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Brian Smallwood

Well if you're someone reading this, you are interested in trying a class out, and still not sure what to think, please allow me to share my own personal experience for what it is worth. My whole life I've been a meek and easily intimidated person who could relate to such characters as Ralph ("you'll shoot your eye out kid") in the Christmas Story, Charlie Brown, and Marvel Comics character Bruce Banner who turns into the Incredible Hulk after being pushed till he could be pushed no further. For whatever reason, my elementary, middle school, and high school days were plagued with me being in conflict with people who were used to getting their way, otherwise known as bullies. Surprisingly, I did stand up to them, but usually amounted to me backing down or getting roughed up in those early days. It wasn't until my high school years that I learned to deal with these situations slightly better. But things had really taken their toll on me.

The last year of high school, I probably missed about 3 months of my senior year just so I could avoid the difficult people as well as school itself. High school is not an easy thing to deal with, especially when you have people with a low self esteem that feel they need to bully others in order to fill that void in their life. After high school (2001) my self esteem and self worth was shot. It was about as low as it could get honestly. I was so psychologically damaged that anytime I was near people my own age and heard them laughing, there was a big part me that believed that they were laughing at me. I couldn't go to the movies, arcades, certain gas stations where my peers would hang out, or anywhere else where teenagers and people in their early 20's would be. It was too nerve racking.

I didn't know it at the time, but I found a secondary home called the Konooburu Dojo.

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Anthony Holbrook

In creating a sword, you begin with an ordinary piece of metal, it’s imperfections are identified, examined and then hammered away. Through perseverance the metal is shaped, heated and cooled, folded and refolded until it begins to take shape. Once the metal is strengthened, both inside and out, it begins to take form. Upon achieving correct form it is sharpened and becomes a blade, an instrument of war. Warriors are created in much the same way. Through constant training, sharpening skills while tempering the ego, the warrior emerges, both strong and refined.

I have trained at the Tiger's Den Dojo for nearly a decade and in that time I feel that I have grown immensely as an individual. Though the combat methods I have learned have been taught the same way for hundreds of years, they have proved effective and in some instances lifesaving both on the modern battle fields of Afghanistan and in the city streets I walk each day. The ability to face adversity with both mental and emotional clarity cannot be bought, must be earned, and is something that I feel allows me to live life to the fullest extent possible. Though it cannot be attained overnight or with ease, like a sword, the training becomes a part of who you are.

I am both proud and honored to be a student of the Tiger's Den Dojo

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