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Tim Black Belt

Congratulations Timothy Blakley on successfully passing your Shodan Test! We have had the pleasure of knowing Tim at the Tiger's Den Dojo since he began his martial arts journey with us in 2004. During this time we have watched him grow in his skills and as a person. Tim has been able to utilize his training to protect himself and others during his employment as a corrections officer. He tested for his 1st Degree Black Belt on April 19th 2014. Tim decided to share his own words about his experience:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the Tiger's Den Dojo and Shinobu family, for all their support, and for truly being my best friends. Throughout my years of training at the Tiger's Den Dojo I have learned discipline, respect, and dignity, most of all I have learned more about God “Yahweh” than I ever knew before. I have learned to humble myself as Yahweh teaches us to. When I began my training at the Tiger's Den Dojo, all I ever wanted to learn was self defense so I could defend myself and my family if the situation ever arose. I had no idea of the magnitude of skills I would acquire or how the training would impact my life. I was just a young teenager with the typical male teen attitude when I first entered the dojo. Now, after the many years of training, I am a changed person for the better. The thought of gaining my black belt never occurred to me until I started to grow throughout my years of study. As I grew in my faith, training, perseverance in hard times, helping others when needed, and learning self-control, the opportunity presented itself that it was time to try for my black belt. “The black belt is earned never given” and so attempting it is not something to be taken lightly. I am proud of this accomplishment but more proud of what it represents to me. It is a reminder of the change that started in me from day 1 of training at Tiger's Den Dojo. The journey doesn’t end with the belt, but it will always be a reminder that all things are possible. I would highly recommend this training to anyone regardless of what their personal goals might be.

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